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Remember to preorder my album at the download is available from only £8. And don’t worry about waiting until payday, if you are paying by card you don’t need to pay until August.

Once you preorder the album, or any other package that are available, you will be able to view all the updates that have been posted by me, including messages, videos, songs I have recorded and many more.

Whatever you decide to pledge, small or big is a huge help and really appreciated because anything towards my goal is that step closer to helping me achieve my dream of releasing an album and single.

This is an international worldwide campaign, so even if you don’t live in the UK, you can still pledge.

- Kitty xxx

Kitty is SO CLOSE to reaching her goal! She only needs 11% more to hit her target, & her dreams of making her album are realised!

We need a MASSIVE push of pledges to help out! Pledges start from as little as £8 & the money won’t leave your account until August so you have NO EXCUSES not to pledge!

Please, PLEASE pledge & help Kitty’s dream come true!

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